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The dilemma of a child
She is all lost and alone
See through my own eyes
See through the
eyes of the world

People losing their
faith and belief
Thus, children
losing their homes

With no clothes to keep warmth
With no food to stay alive
With no water to quench the thirst
With no history and
No future

The world is still revolving
around the sun
The world is still changing
day by day

People is still growing
People is still changing
Heedless of the young ones
Heedless of the needy
Regardless of no one but themselves

We are losing our minds
We are losing our future
They are losing their smiles
They are losing their future

I am speechless

Sanni 2007


I’ve been thinking
Thinking of nothing
Wild thoughts shooting through
Like bullets cutting through

I’ve been thinking
Why I’m thinking at all
Too many questions
I can’t identify
I need an answer

I need a shelter
All that in front
An emptily isolated desert

I’m thirsty
[ for understanding ]
I’m hungry
[ for love ]
I’m delirious
[ been for a while ]
I’m halucinating
[ too much ]
I’m breaking down
[ soon ]

Sanni 2007


Not lonely
Just alone

Not stressed
Just relax

Empty minded
Contented soul

Sun shining brightly
Sky a clear blue

No wishes
I’m contented

Sanni 2007


You spoke your words
A one-way conversation
I did not take part in

Your words
Like rain drops to my heart
Cold, sharp with a twinge of pain

A strange yet guilty
Sensation crawled it’s way up my spine
I shivered and trembled

Emotionally unstable, I am

Those feelings
Beautifully miserable


Sanni 2007

Why do I take it so hard?
Because life itself is hard?
Or is it because I’m making it difficult?
Why do I feel the pain whenever I close my eyes?
Because the pain is there..
It clings on and never leaves
It’s growing it’s roots here
On my skin, in my cells, in my mind and my blood


The six letters word that never leaves

Sanni 2007

I remember


When we were
That close


When we see
Nothing but
Each other

When Cigarette
Was once a symbol
When we talked about
Being each other’s
Smoke, tar and

Now everything
Faded to ashes

With the influence
Of nothing but everything

I am still
Who I am

You are still
Who you are

Nothing has changed
Yet nothing stays the same



I remember


When smoking was
Not a problem but
A solution

I remember


When I wasn’t alone
When you had been there

Here I am

Standing all but alone

Yet tall and still

I am still
Who I am

You are still
Who you are

I remember


When we spoke about
Nothing but forever
Forever stays the same
But not you and me

Not us

Forever stays the same
Yet nothing stays forever

Sanni 2008

How normal are your SECRETS?

8 ‘weird’ things that are very, very normal…

1. Disguising your real size.
One in three women tell people their dress size is smaller than it really is.

2. Lying about your ‘number’.
16% of women have played down how many sexual partners they’ve had.

3. Having a family secret.
One in six people discover a secret while tracing their family history.

4. Owning porn.
41% of women admit they have a secret stash. “It’s a taboo for many women but porn can allow you to explore your fantasies,” says Dr Pram Spurr, author of Fabulous Foreplay: The Sex Doctor’s Guide to Teasing and Pleasing Your Lover.

5. Keeping mum about your salary.
67% of women wouldn’t tell friends what they’re paid.

6. Hiding health problems.
58% of people are too embarrassed to admit certain illnesses to their doctor.

7. Concealing an infidelity.
Two-thirds of women who have cheated on their partners have never found out.

8. Telling white lies to friends – for their sakes.
“Of course you don’t look fat” is the most common lie told by women.

Normal in NUMBERS

Percentage of women
who keep a stash of
cash from their partners

Percentage of women
with a crush on their
best friend’s boyfriend

Percentage of women
who say they’d consider
keeping their age a secret

Percentage of women
who choose not to tell
their partner if their in debt

Percentage of women
who said they wouldn’t
tell on a colleague who
messed up at work

56% of women think it’s important to share secrets in a relationship

Psst! Tell me your secret…

The Classic Six…or…The Big Six

Does Fashion Really Has Nothing to Do with Anorexia?

French model Isabelle Caro, known for posing nude for an anti-anorexia
ad campaign that ran during Milan Fashion Week in 2007, has died.
She weighed a mere 59 pounds when she was photographed for the campaign,
which ran on billboards and in newspapers.

“I thought this could be a chance to use my suffering to get a message across,
and finally put an image on what thinness represents and the danger
it leads to — which is death…to make people react, for young girls
who see this to think: ‘Oh, so that’s what lies behind the beautiful clothes,
the hair, the image that we are shown of fashion.”

She admitted to CBS News that she accentuates
the freckles around her eyes, drawing them in with make up, because, she said,
“if someone is looking at my eyes, they’re not looking at the rest of me.”